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Released: Jun 7, 2016
Updated: Jun 7, 2016 by Anlan
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Release Notes

Donationware development

Do you like this piece of software ? It took some time and effort to develop.
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This is the NEED 4 SPEED release

Roughly all the code has been refactored to achieve better performance during the scan process. Usage of Out-File has been completely removed in favour of System.IO.StreamWriter. No more illogical waits for the scanning process to take almost longer than the archiving process itself. Speed gains while scanning are now from 5x (minum) up to 20x

You also have now the opportunity to invoke pre and post actions: for example you might want to dump a sqlexpress database before the scanning begins (pre) and then upload the generated archive to an ftp server (post) (see 7zbackup-vars.ps1 for examples)

Change Log

  • Feat : Refactored writing of logs and details with StreamWriters instead of Out-File. Now scanning speed is 5x up to 20x
  • Code : Since version 15.x of 7-zip can now archive empty dirs without the need to drop dummy files in place;
  • Bug : MaxFileAge and MinFileAge Directives were improperly parsed and managed as decimal while they're double
  • Code : Removed the check for pairs of command arguments. Now the parser checks properly also for switch arguments
  • Code : Refactored Main Scanning Routine to eliminate Stack Overflow Exception
  • Feat : Removed the limit of 100 for maxdepth. You can dig into as many subfolders you have
  • Feat : Added new command line switch --dry. This causes the script to go through all scanning directives but no compression or archiving is perfomed.
  • Bug : Rotation of archives might delete directories with same name. Included check for "is not a PSContainer"
  • Feat : --emptydirs is now a switch argument too
  • Feat : Removed the parsing of BkSwitches directives. Parameters to 7-zip are passed only for compression and threading letting the archiver itself choose which other parameters are better for the computer
  • Feat : Addedd --compression argument. You can now set compression level by CLI or hardcoded vars or, again, in selection directives file
  • Feat : Archive name gets composed with trailing seconds
  • Code : Refactored async launch of 7-zip process to get proper return core
  • Feat : --maxfileage and --minfileage can now be passed as CLI switches
  • Feat : --maxfilesize and --minfilesize can now be passed as CLI switches
  • Feat : --pre and --post switches can invoke pws actions before scanning begins and after archiving completes
  • Feat : --threads switch can control resource usage by 7-zip
  • Code : All script variables now named with Bk prefix

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