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If your' done with all previous steps and want to see how easy it is to have 7zip archive all the files you want in a single archive ... this is the right place.

All you need is the script itself and at least one Selection Directives file. To create it you can start from the 7zbackup.selection.sample.txt, modify it accodingly to your needs, and save it as ... using any mnemonic name you wish. Let's assume you have created your Selection Directives file as "C:\Scripts\myselection.txt" and have valued only your includesource directive like this :

All you have to do now is to invoke the script specifying which kind of backup you want and where you want the archive file to be created. To do that open a PowerShell command window and type:
PS C:\Scripts> .\7zbackup.ps1 --type full --selection myselection.txt --destpath C:\
This will create an archive file in you C drive, named with your computer's name and date/time of creation, which will contain all the files from C:\users and it's subfolders.

Of course you can also specify remote shares destinations for your backup archives: for example if you mean to keep a copy of your data on a NAS. In that case your command will show like this:
PS C:\Scripts> .\7zbackup.ps1 --type full --selection myselection.txt --destpath "\\remoteserver\share\"
Playing around with all Selection Directives you can choose :
  • Which are the paths to include or exclude
  • Which are the files to include or exclude
  • How deep into directory scanning the script has to go
  • If you want some file removed
  • If you want to rotate the archive files
  • ...

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